Monday, November 2, 2015

What is Love?

(November 2)

Happy November! It's crazy to think that 2015 is almost over - I'm so excited to spend the first 360+ days of 2016 serving the Lord! The weather here is cooling down, and we've pulled out the tights and sweaters. Everything is still pretty green, though. I do miss North Carolina/Tennessee fall. 

This week, we found a new investigator! Her name is Maasa, and she is golden. She asks a lot of good questions about why we need the gospel and how Jesus Christ can help her specifically. She likes to learn from us, and we love answering her questions. No matter how complex a question or idea might be, everything in the gospel relates back to love. Want to be like Jesus Christ? Show love. Want to receive blessings from God? Love your neighbor. Why does God give us hard things or commandments? Because He loves us. Every time we act in obedience to His commandments, He reaches out in love to us! I'm so grateful for that!

This week, I received some specific direction to use my talents to help others (show them love, as it turns out). I thought about music and working with kids, but didn't really see how those would help me find people to teach and invite unto Christ on any given day. Well. God loves me, so He provided a way! Three, actually. Yesterday, we contacted an 86-year-old lady (Japanese people never hesitate to tell you their age if they're over about 70. It's so cute!) who was not interested in hearing about the gospel. We saw that she had a piano in her front entryway, so Sister Chun took a shot and asked if I could come in and play her piano. Only one other time in Japan have I actually entered the house of someone we contact. But she agreed! We had a nice time talking with her, and of course I loved playing her piano. On the way back to our bikes to go home for dinner, we ran into this adorable group of Japanese kids. They saw me and immediately asked where I was from. When I said America, they were so excited! We gave them stickers and took selfies. Again, not a typical occurrence. Then, before we could get on our bikes, we happened to run into an Eikaiwa student who lived in the neighborhood we were leaving. He invited us into his house and asked me to play his piano. I played some songs, and we also sang "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" for him and his wife. It was a strange coincidence that I know could only have been from God. He provides so many opportunities to fulfill His commandments if we just act in faith!

Our Halloween party was a success! We probably had 30-35 people there, which may not seem like a lot, but it is for the group here! We had fun games for the kids (my favorite being the room full of balled-up newspaper where they try to find the little ball hidden somewhere within), a costume contest, pictures, and made takoyaki (octopus, cabbage, ginger dumplings. SO GOOD.). It was so fun to be with members and neighbors and friends, having a great time!

On Saturday, our friend Tom got baptized. He is from China and a huge Tom Hanks fan. He is so awesome, and I'm excited to see how the gospel continues to change his (and my) life!

Wise words from my companion: "Today is the only November 2nd I am ever going to be a missionary. I already woke up, so I might as well get off this bed and do something good." Motivation was slightly lacking yesterday morning. But it's so true! 
"'Make each day your masterpiece!' - John Wooden" - Jim Jorgensen. 

I love you all! Have the best week!


Sister Janette Jorgensen
Japan Fukuoka Mission
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