Monday, November 2, 2015

Words on the Street

(this is from September 13 oops)
Hi everyone! Hope this email finds you well and happy!

This week has gone by super fast. A lot has happened! One of the
things we're doing more of now is teaching lessons on the street. So
we get off our bikes and talk to someone, ask if we can pray (that's
the new thing), share a message/teach principles, and then close with
a prayer. We call it LOTS. I'll be honest, I had so little faith in
this finding approach...who wants to pray on the street with two
foreign strangers in white helmets anyway? Prepared people, that's
who! I know that God is preparing people to receive the gospel, and so
even if it seems weird from the outside, they're ready to hear it!

I'm getting to be friends with a little five year old girl in the area
here. She is a handful - lots of energy, free-spirited little thing
who takes great pleasure in throwing things around and beating up the
elders. But we play and draw on the white board together, and she even
gave me a hug! It was a victory!

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