Thursday, December 31, 2015

Short and Sweet

(November 15)
Hi everyone! It's been an amazing week - can't believe how quickly time is flying! It truly is a blessing to be here in Japan, working for the Lord. I always feel most successful, happy, productive (and tired) when I know I'm doing what He wants. We have to be in our apartment by 9, but we always wait until the very last second, knock on just one more door, before we head in. We always run up the stairs, out of breath, laughing, exhausted, and plan for the next day. Sometimes we have to bike at rocket speed to get home on time, and during those times, I usually feel like dying. But being obedient is so worth it, and it's so fun! (Plus, I can't say I'd bring that intense of exercise upon myself if I weren't absolutely forced to as I am now.)

My English is going downhill...sorry for the awkwardness of my writing. And it's only been a few months. At this point, I often feel more comfortable speaking Japanese than English. 

It's been raining here lately, but today we visited an island called Miyajima, and had the most perfect sunny weather ever! It sure doesn't feel like the middle of November, but I'm not complaining! Hopefully we get to keep the sun and don't have to start dressing like Eskimos any time soon. 

A good friend of mine sent me a challenge, and I'd like to pass it on to each of you: 

Recently I read a talk called "The 40 day fast" and it got me thinking about a number of different things...anyway, Starting today there are exactly 40 days until Christmas! SO! My challenge to you is to choose ONE thing you want to improve on, ONE goal to focus on for these next 40 days. I promise that through prayer and hard work and not giving can accomplish whatever this goal is!:)

She's awesome. I'm going to do it! I'm not sure what I want to focus on yet, but tonight before I go to bed, I'm going to pray about it and decide what I can do to become more like Christ. We can do all things through Him!

Random fact about Japanese culture: old people love to tell you how old they are. They wear age as a serious badge of honor. Usually it goes something like this, "I can't learn English. I can't learn about Jesus Christ. I'm seventy-six years old. I can't remember anything." Usually people that age look about 60, so I'm always in shock. When I'm 76, I want to look 60 and ride my bike all over the place. Better start loading up on fish and seaweed!

All the love!

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