Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hi everyone, hope you've had a great couple of weeks! I haven't written in a few weeks - sorry about that. You're probably caught up enough in your own fun summer activities (which I'd love to hear about) that you didn't even notice. :) Today is, once again, the long-anticipated "tenkin happyou" (transfer call) day! Heavenly Father must really love me and have something special for me in this area because He is allowing me to stay in Fujisaki for another six weeks! That will be in total about six months here. I really truly LOVE this area and am so grateful to be able to stay here. My current companion, Sis. Henderson, will move to another area, close to where I used to serve, so I have been giving her the low-down on the church members and conditions there, which is a lot of fun. My new companion is Sister Cox! We've been living together for six weeks now, but our apartment is condensing to two sisters instead of four as it has been. Her companion is heading down to Okinawa where you get off the plane and proceed to melt until November or so. We're excited for the upcoming transfer!

Since I've been the worst at emailing, I thought I'd just share a few big highlights via pictures:
We had zone p-day on the Fourth of July! Unfortunately, there were no fireworks, but we turned all shades of red as we competed in a playground obstacle course! More intense than any game you ever played in the third grade. A much needed, albeit very tiring break from the every-day activities. The mission has brought many opportunities, but one I was not expecting was that of developing strong friendships with other missionaries from all over the world as we work together towards our goals. Happily representing North Carolina on the 4th :)

No, it's not the lighting, I really was that red. This is Shogo, our friend who makes yakitori (grilled meat on a stick). It's ¥80 a stick, so we go every Wednesday for dinner before Eikaiwa (English class). We've become BFFs and hope to get him learning about the gospel soon!

10:15: time to scarf down some ramen/cereal before 10:30 lights out. Missionaries are still typical 20-year-olds, turns out. 

Seiji got baptized! I may not have ever even written about him before because it all happened so fast. Sis. Henderson and I found him knocking on doors one Monday evening. We made an appointment for the upcoming Saturday at the church (a 15-minute bike ride away). Totally didn't expect him to come, but he did! We taught that lesson and set the baptismal date. Taught another lesson after a couple days and passed him to the elders to teach (easier for them to teach men than for us). Within three weeks, he's developed a testimony of Jesus Christ and understands the overall "why" of the gospel (love). In his testimony at the baptismal service, he said he's grateful especially for prayer and enduring because as he's been coming to church, his friends have given him a hard time for the Christianity thing. But he prays and feels good :) not the most expressive guy, but I know he knows the gospel is true and it will bless his life! We are so happy for him!

Another miracle I probably never wrote about: Yurina. We found her after a lesson appointment fell through. She let us in her house (never happens) and we taught her about God and baptism and prayer. We taught her for the fourth time this week and she's learning to love Jesus Christ! She's kind of a sass, but the kind where we can laugh/have fun and also feel the Spirit. She said "I think everyone who lived during Jesus Christ's time would have been the happiest ever. He just went around teaching good things and healing people...I wish He were here today." For a girl who never knew anything about Christ, hearing that was a miracle! She's hilarious and her cat is cute, too. I want her to go on a mission one day :)

Would this be an email from Japan without a picture of sushi? A friend of ours made this sushi for us. There's octopus (1:00ish), beef (3:00), salmon (5:00), something else, eel (7:00), something, tuna (11:00). I usually like octopus, but served this way, it was a little too chewy and hard to eat. Still pretty good though!

We went to all-you-can eat American pizza today. Like pepperoni, hamburger, apple pie, DOUBLE CHEESE PIZZA. And of course the classic corn/mayonnaise and tuna/onion varieties were also available. We then visited the Disney store and saw a water show to Michael Jackson. One of my favorite p-days. 

The gospel is true! I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Janette Jorgensen
Japan Fukuoka Mission
9-16 Hiraozyosuimachi, Chuo-ku
Fukuoka, Fukuoka
Japan 810-0029

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