Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Hi everyone, hope you've had a great couple of weeks! I haven't
written in a few weeks - sorry about that. You're probably caught up
enough in your own fun summer activities (which I'd love to hear
about) that you didn't even notice. :) Today is, once again, the
long-anticipated "tenkin happyou" (transfer call) day! Heavenly Father
must really love me and have something special for me in this area
because He is allowing me to stay in Fujisaki for another six weeks!
That will be in total about six months here. My current companion will
move to another area, close to where I used to serve, so I have been
giving her the low-down on the church members and conditions there,
which is a lot of fun. My new companion is Sister Cox! We've been
living together for six weeks now, but our apartment is condensing to
two sisters instead of four as it has been. Her companion is heading
down to Okinawa where you get off the plane and proceed to melt until
November or so. We're excited for the upcoming transfer!

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