Sunday, June 5, 2016

So Excited!

It's been a great week, hope yours has been too!

Most exciting news: I received a call from President Egan this morning as I was making pancakes and he asked "Are you living worthily of a temple recommend?" and "Are you being strictly obedient?" finally "Are you willing to serve wherever the Lord asks?" Of course I eagerly responded yes to each of those and then he extended the assignment to serve as a Sister Training Leader in the Fukuoka Zone, companions with...drumroll...Sister Cox, my MTC companion! I will continue being companions with Sister Henderson (thankfully), but I will have an STL companion as well, now, which means we will plan and present trainings each transfer and go on companion exchanges every week with sister missionaries in the area. I love companion exchanges - there are always so many miracles and funny stories, and learning opportunities! I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for this upcoming transfer in Fujisaki (same area)!

Other than that, we found some fun new people this week! As we were dendo-ing with a member, we found Miyu, a girl who goes to the Southern Baptist college (what?? I know. I don't get it either) because lots of foreigners go there and speak English. She's super good at English and super sweet! We got ramen together :)

Also, Sister Henderson and I made sushi with some members and found the best takoyaki (fried octopus dumplings) in the whole world for way cheap! Miracles come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors, my friends. 

One lady we found 6 weeks ago on the street who is Buddhist but whose daughter lives in Colorado and is sealed in the temple randomly called us this week and invited us over. We went and talked with her all about how the gospel has changed her daughter's life and their relationship and what a blessing it's been to her. She is so sweet. May or may not be ready to accept the gospel, but I know that it's by those little interactions we have that others are able to see and benefit from the light of Christ in us. 

If you want some good reading material, check out the October 2011 General Conference talk by Ted R. Callister on the Book of Mormon - loved it!

Love y'all!

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