Monday, April 25, 2016


Get this: last week, I studied the scripture verses about "Consider the Lilies" and shared it with our investigator, Yuri, who is preparing for baptism. We gave her a hard commitment and promised that God would take care of her and provide the way for her to accomplish all she needs to. As she read the scriptures out loud in the lesson, she smiled really big. When we asked why, she said that her name, Yuri, means "lily" in Japanese. I had no idea! But I know that Heavenly Father wanted her to know that He loves her and will help her out according to her faith. And I know she knows that too :)

I got a new companion this week! I'm accruing a lot of them, turns out. Which is fun - all the missionaries in this mission are so hard-working and awesome, I'm honored to be able to work with anyone here! Her name is Sister Henderson and she is from San Francisco (make that 4/6 Californian companions). She went to BYU for a little while and, get this, is one day older than me! Our birthdays are so close! She was born in China, so we were thinking we might actually have the same birthday American time, but it didn't work out. Anyway, she is so sweet and nice, and I'm so happy to get to work with her!

Yesterday, during dendo (proselyting), we ran into two ladies next to a giant field cooking something over a fire. We went over and they were stewing some derivative of bamboo to eat! They also garden like crazy on this huge plot of land (really rare in Japan) and then "go stand where the rich people are so they buy our food." They gave us orange juice and said we could come back and hang out sometime :)

Other than that, life goes on. I can't believe it's almost May! I was talking to someone on the street the other day and they asked how long we're in Japan and I said I've been here about eight months now...and then realized I only have about that long left! A little microcosm of life, I guess - the further along we get, the more we begin to truly appreciate each day. I'm grateful for this opportunity to serve :)

I love you all! Have the best week!

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