Friday, January 1, 2016

It's 2016!

(December 31)
If it's not 2016 where you are right now, let me tell you: it's a great year. Happy new year, everyone! I hope you've all enjoyed the holidays as much as we have here in Japan! It's truly been so much fun, although separated from family, to be here. 

New Years is the Christmas of the Buddhist faith, and therefore a really big deal here! That being said, most people haven't been too interested in talking about Jesus Christ this week. There's been some long, cold nights of proselyting - who knew two pairs of tights and boots wouldn't quite keep out the cold? But that's such a small price to pay compared to the joy we're able to share and feel as we see people progress towards a stronger relationship with Him. 

One grandma invited us in the other night and gave us cake and warm milk because we looked freezing. Her house was very Japanese - she showed us her butsudan (shrine to ancestors to which they pray) and told us all about her family and New Years plans. This place is full of sweet little old people who love to talk :) my companion and I had just had a pretty lengthy conversation about warm milk and couldn't understand why anyone thinks it's the Lord saw fit to teach us to be careful what we say. I wouldn't ask to drink it again, but it wasn't bad, to be fair. 

We're continuing to teach young Marines on base. They seem to multiply - everyone has a friend they bring to activities, pretty soon that friend starts inviting their friends, and eventually we have a lot of people to potentially teach! Still looking and praying hard for a Japanese family to teach, and we have had some miraculous contacts this week that could be them! One man opened his door last night and, once we introduced ourselves, asked if we could come back today. We'll stop by even though it's Pday - he could be golden! We taught all about eternal families to another lady for 10-15 minutes at her door and will be back to see her next week as well! I'm so excited to see how the work continues to progress here in Japan! We're working on developing faith to baptize this month, and it's going to be awesome.

Sister Fritchen went to her first Japanese McDonald's yesterday! I meant to order a cheeseburger with no ketchup and mustard, but I mixed up the grammar pattern and accidentally ordered a cheeseburger with only ketchup and mustard. Lesson learned. 

I love you all! Happy New Year! I dare you to keep your resolutions into next month :)


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