Monday, September 7, 2015

Yume o seikatsu shite imasu

Currently living the dream. 

Last Monday, we went to Monkey Mountain! It's exactly what it sounds like - a mountain entirely covered in monkeys. It's so crazy, people will pay money to go look at/step around monkeys. But it was so fun! One of the elders got charged by an angry monkey, but not to worry, everyone is okay. 
On Thursday, while streeting, we saw a bunch of plastic bottles on the sidewalk and a man working. We decided to stop and ask if we could help clean them up. He agreed and proceeded to ask us to pull giant weeds out of bushes for the next hour and a half...a little more complicated than we thought, but it was the best! We looked a little ridiculous, as you can imagine, but we said hi to all the strange looks we got. One man rode by and said something - I thought he was pointing out more trash under the bushes (we know, thanks). And rode off. Turned out, he was parking his bike and coming to help us! He talked to us (I just smiled and nodded haha) and he pulled a TON of weeds! After we ran out of bags for the weeds, the first guy, Sato San took us to the vending machine across the street and bought us drinks. He was so nice!!
On Friday, we went back to the same place and helped finish the work! It was so fun. Sato San bought us drinks again. This time, I got grape soda that you have to shake for awhile and there's this jelly stuff inside...I can't really describe it. Very Japan, very good. We sat and drank them after two hours of bagging weeds and branches, and thought "man, this is the life." And it is. This whole experience reminded me of how much I love service and why I am here. 
Also, at Thursday's Zone Training Meeting, we were challenged to teach full lessons to people on the street. We do short lessons already, but we never prayed. So that evening while contacting, we did it! We taught a girl about prayer and prayed with her in the middle of a sidewalk on the busiest street in our area! And it was the best ever! Even if we don't get to meet with her again we know she felt God's love, and that's what it's all about. 

Can we please appreciate how beautiful Japan is??
I love you all! Thank you for the prayers and emails! Good luck to everyone starting school this week - hasten the work and anchor down! :)

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