Saturday, June 20, 2015

All Set Apart and Nowhere to Go

I was set apart Sunday, June 7 but wasn't assigned to report until Wednesday, June 10. So early Monday morning, I said my goodbyes to my family and flew out to Utah to stay with one of my favorite people, who I hadn't seen in seven weeks! It felt like a long time apart until I remembered that it'll be about ten times that until I see her again. But we have had the best time.

I cannot get over how beautiful Utah is! The weather has been perfect, the mountains are beautiful, and there is something to be said for dry heat, coming from the ever-humid South. Temple Square is one of the most glorious places on Earth, I've decided. Pictures don't do it justice. There are flowers everywhere, the buildings are breathtaking, and the spirit there is absolutely wonderful. 

The highlight of the adventure, as beautiful as the flowers are, was seeing family members after years and years. It was so fun to reconnect with aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents I hadn't even planned to see. Emily and I were blessed to play a concert at the retirement home where my 99-year-old great-grandmother lives. Her life is a true legacy, as she has over 100 descendants, many of whom have served missions and served in other ways to touch and change lives. She is a golden example of what it means to be faithful, and coming up on 100 years! I told her she doesn't look a day over 90 - and she is just as mentally strong as ever.

This is Emily, and I will finish this post before the weekly letters start coming in from Sister Jorgensen! On Wednesday morning before heading to the MTC, Sister Jorgensen and I stopped at the Pleasant Grove cemetery where, with the help of Sister Jorgensen's Grandfather, we found her late Grandmother's grave. It took a lot of searching, so it was especially exciting when we finally found it. 
Finally, Wednesday afternoon at 1:10, we pulled up to the MTC and a cute sister missionary took our picture before Sister Jorgensen went into the MTC. She will be sorely missed, but there is nowhere better for our Janette to be! She's already doing great things. More updates to come. God speed!

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